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We are not just a results company - we are an ideas company

We use mobile technology, vehicle telematics and custom business solutions to connect your people to information and business processes, bringing control to commotion and helping you to work smarter. We provide on-going superior support to our clients' and our quality services are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. We solve clients business problems as much as we design and deliver the technology solution.

We have developed interchangeable technologies that provide limitless potential in the form of smarter working solutions for the management of movement. This adds value to company operations by increasing mobility and flexibility whilst empowering people with technology that makes things easier.

We have enormous experience in all things IT, combined with specific experience in Finance, Manufacturing, NHS, Local Government, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Leisure, Oil & Gas and the not-for-profit sector. We really excel in the kinds of challenging IT environments that involve distributed people or assets, remote locations and high volumes of transactions.

We understand the issues faced by growing companies as IT becomes ever more important to commercial success, and we believe we have a powerful contribution to make.

Our Services

Transport Management System

Proteo Enterprise is the most advanced but easy to use TMS platform that can be made to work the way you need it to.

Mobile/In Cab Applications

Daily safety walkaround, job management and messaging.

Software Development

We can help you design, build and support your custom software needs.

TMS features at a glance

Drag and Drop Planning

Easily view your schedules, re-arrange by dragging and dropping.

Client Portal

Your clients can add jobs, get POD's and print a manifest.


Clients, sub contractors, self bill, auto batching and invoice emailing.


Integration with your customers, lower the cost by giving them more.

Capture extras

Record demurrage, and extra costs to be invoiceed with the job or seperatley.

Map Based Planning

See your work and Load Plan straight from the Map.

Web Based

Securely hosted, you can access from anywhere.

POD Management

Store, search and email your POD's


See how much revenue your vehicles are earning


Rate your jobs when entered, save time and prevent mistakes.

Pallet Network Integration

Plan all of your work from one system, automatically updating the Pallet Network.

In-Cab Integration

Manage your drivers and their work, reduce calls and get immediate updates.

Case Studies

Jack Richards

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Anglian Home Improvements


  13 Chapel Field North

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